The terrasses of the Ventoux

This cycling trip is the very best way to really discover the terroir of the Terrasses du Ventoux growing area, which produces the high-quality "Muscat du Ventoux" grapes and the delicate "figue de Caromb" black figs. There are no major difficulties along this ride – this Terrasses du Ventoux circuit offers all the pleasure of an unforgettable beautiful country ride. Oak woods, vineyards and orchards, different in every season, accompany riders as they explore this area of Mont Ventoux.


Les terrasses du VentouxDistance = 25 km (15,5 miles)
Landscape = The Nesque river Canyons

Balade = Family
Parking =
Village school in Methamis
Marked itinerary


Tourism Office - Mormoiron, Les Terrasses du Ventoux, Le Clos - 84570 Mormoiron Tel. +33 (0)4 90 61 89 73 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

On the way

From the centre of Methamis, follow the direction of Malemort-du-Comtat as you leave Methamis. Be careful, the road is narrow. In the centre of Mazan, take the narrow street (marled with a sign) opposite the Tourism Office to follow the itinerary.
Leaving Malemort-du-Comtat behind, you can take the option of going in the direction of Blauvac, following the cycling signs. However, for this option, you have to climb the road up to Blauvac.
Just before Mormoiron, coming from Mazan, on your right, up the hill, the chapel Notre-Dame des Anges. In Mormoiron you can either visit the geological museum or bath and relax at the Plan d'eau des Salettes.

Cross Mormoiron by taking the main street then crossing the little bridge.Profil_Terrasses


Professionnals in the area
Accomodations   Terroir and famous places
Le Leyrac
Plein Pagnier
Les Secrets de Cézanne
L'Auberge du Vin
Hôtel le Château de Mazan****
Camping Font Neuve***
  Domaine Plein Pagnier
Domaine Les Hautes Briguières
Château Pesquié
Château Unang
Les Vignerons de Canteperdrix
Cave TerraVentoux
Restaurants   Guides / Taxis
Caffé Léo
Les P'tits Bonheurs
Hôtel le Château de Mazan****

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