The Plateau d'Albion

couv_platAlbion_DThe Plateau d'Albion - The Albion Highlands - is an immense area with villages typical of Haute Provence, churches and chapels from the Roman period, big farms, wandering flocks of sheep and historical landmarks. It's the universe of the famous French author Jean Giono who described with love and respect the landscape and character of the local people.

To discover the sites and villages of the area depart from Sault in the direction of Lagarde d'Apt, Saint-Christol, Simiane-la-Rotande, Banon, Revest-du-Bion. Hook around to Redortiers, Le Contadour to return by way of Ferrassieres, Saint-Trinit and Aurel

Itinerary: Le Plateau d'Albion