The Nesque River Canyons

Couverture_Les_gorges_de_la_NesqueThe Nesque river Canyons - Gorges de la Nesque - is an awesome wild canyon full of amazing shaped rock formations jutting out over a footpath of viewing points looking out at the majestic "Rocher du Cire".  

At the bottom of the Canyon, built into the rock, is the "Chapelle Saint-Michel' dating back to the 12th century and completely restored in 1643. The chapel is accessible on foot only, so leave your bike in Monieux and find one of the paths leading to the site from the lake.

In 1886, well before the high road to the area was built, the famous writer Fredric Mistral discovered Les Gorges de la Nesque with its beehives and "The Rocher du Cire" as described in his epic poem "Calendal". His dangerous climb up the "The Rocher du Cire" to gather beehives laden with honey is one of the culminating points of his epic 12 verse poem and derived chants exalting maritime and mountain Provence.

A stone monument dedicated to Frederic Mistral can be found at the summit of Les Gorges de la Nesque with one of the most beautiful views dominating wild Provence.

Les Gorges de la Nesque is a hikers paradise and an ideal spot to observe rare and widlife, flower and bird species specific to the area. The royal eagle is just one of many examples. To protect the exceptional richness of the ecosystem found here, Les Gorges de la Nesque was classified in 1998 by UNESCO into the "Reserve de Biosphere du Mont Ventoux".

Itinerary: Gorges de la Nesque