Le Beaucet

"The vertical village" (René Char)

couv_LeBeaucetThis village with its troglodytic houses perched on its rock (baus in Provence means "steep rock") reminds one of a Provencal crib scene.

Ancient pilgrimage to Saint-Gens, a hermit born in Monteux about 1104 and who died in Le Beaucet where a miraculous mountain spring appeared.

The castle can be accessed by 80 steps cut into the rock. The southern ditch is also cut into the rock.

The XIth and XIIth century castle was struck by lightning in 1784. There remains the keep and a dwelling, rebuilt in the XVIIth century and the two city gates, one of which boasts the coat of arms of Geoffroy III Vaissols, bishop of Carpentras (1347-1356).

To visit :
Saint Etienne church, old Roman chapel : apse in half dome, octagonal bell-tower mounted within a modest XIXth bell-tower. Painting of Saint Etienne by Parrocel. Saint Etienne chapel rebuilt in the XIXth century.

Saint Gens hermitage, famous pilgrimage site: one reaches it from Le Beaucet by a track marked by nine stopping points including five shrines : 1st - saint statue, 2nd - shrine, 3rd – shrine with alcove dated circa 1877, 4th – iron cross, 5th – iron cross, 6th – 1877 shrine, 7th – miracle fountain, 8th – Saint’s tomb sheltered by shrine, 9th – medieval shrine almost entirely built in the XIXth century.

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